Do you ever want to fly like a bird

(Do you ever want to fly like a bird? It has been the desire of man since the earliest period to go up in the sky. He has been able to fly with the help of an aeroplane after long efforts. Read about the different people who made efforts to fly.)
Ali : Maria, just look at the sky! There are parrots and crows.
Maria : Oh, yes. There are sparrows too.
Ali : How free they are!
Maria : Yes, because God has gifted them with wings to fly anywhere and everywhere.
Al : How nice! They are not bound to the hard earth. I wish I too could fly.
Maria : You can, though not like a bird.
Ali : How can I?
Maria : In an aeroplane. Science has provided us with wings in the form of aeroplane.
 Ali : Oh, it never struck me. I would really like to go on a journey by air. How Wonderful must be!

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