Essay ‘Abuses of Scientific Inventions’

If we observe materialistically, scientific inventions have proved themselves to be a blessing providing thousands of comforts and easiness. Beside all that comfort, scientific inventions have their abusing impacts on human race. Scientific advancement and technical mechanization have declined moral worth of human. Scientific abuses are basically concerned with the mode of utilization of mechanics.

Modern mechanization, flourishing industrialization and inventions of weapons have really descended the moral values. Inventions of modern weapons are the abuses in real sense. Invention of atomic energy is really a great approach (as well as the gift of Divine), but its utilization is double-sided. If the atomic power  is utilized to generate energetic mechanization, then it would be a blessing. If it is used for the purpose of destruction, it would be visioned as an evil vulgarity. Such inventions are really horrible when they are utilized against humanity.

Atomic programmes are followed in many countries and some more countries have acquired atomic power in this modern age. As it is fact that during world war, more than twelve million people were killed in the two cities of Japan due to nuclear bomb blast. Scientific technical weapons have declined the moral and social values of man.

Another abusing effect is the removal of natural beauty which is the fundamental effect of vast mechanical approach. Mechanical advancement has changed the mode of living of people, mostly of the third world countries. The social and cultural civilization of the society has become sluggish due to its inhabitance. Due to faulty ways of life, human living has become sedentary because it has provided an unnecessary comfort in all directions, which is a clear revelation of sluggish mode of life.

So far as it is concerned with communication and media, scientific progress has declined the moral and social values. In the faulty of film and television, it has well progressed and now modernized with satellite system, it seems to be a blessing, for the fact that, programmes on different subjects are presented, beside that film industry has demoralized the values of culture and civilization as well as its continuous programmes are time wasting. It may be concluded that, beside all comforts and easiness, scientific inventions also have absurd, baseless and bad impacts. Scientific invention is itself a blessing but its utilization makes it good or evil.

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