Golden Jubilee of Pakistan

We must be most thankful to God that Pakistan has completed its fifty years successfully which is supposed to be the period of great complication and complexities. In the year 1997, Pakistani nation celebrated its ‘Golden Jubilee’ which is contemplated as the most memorable time of any nation. Such glowing and twinkling moments of a nation turn over the pages of history and written in golden words.

Nations are acquainted by the phenomenon of their eventful deeds, attitude, speed of progress, moral values, economic standard, graph of prosperity, responsiveness to other nations, bend of attitude towards other blocks of the world, monetary standard, political behaviour, nationalism and literacy rate etc. We celebrated our national anniversary with concentrated love and emotions. To face actualities, we should have to throw a glance over the whole space of time, for which we are exhibiting our high emotional feelings and happiness.
To face the such deeds, we would have to bring the whole period under observation, for which we have now celebrated the golden jubilee. For this purpose, we would have to be very realistic. Nations, who face the realities and facts of life, doubtlessly achieve the zenith of splendid success.
In fact, we have lost a lot, but gained a little. We have lost one complete wing of Pakistan, which is really the result of our worst and hollow political and economic planning adopted by the political intellectuals who followed wrongful deeds and made this country to suffer long.
There was a real moral decline in social and moral values. Our cultural values were descended. The graph of monetary standard declined with an increase in inflation rate. Currency devaluation very much effected our imports. Inflation flourished as a cancer disease. Our literacy rate could not attain any suitable standard. In contrast to that, we should also observe the progress of Pakistan in different faculties. It has progressed in industrial technology, in the field of scientific technique and computer science.
Business industry has also improved. Media of communication has achieved a higher level. Telecommunication has inter-linked as with the whole modern world. In fact, we have progressed in a number of directions, but comparatively at a lower scale. Literacy rate has increased in cities and not in the rural areas, that is supposed as the literacy gap and would have to face cultural decline.
The most desirable practicality is that, we must learn a lesson from the past fifty years of Pakistan and try our best to follow a virtuous path of honestly and spiritual sincerity, which would really be an assurance of safe and sound prosperity. Today, we would have to take sincere decisions on the grounds of justified truth with contiguity, without being thwarted by conflicting ways of life. All the individuals of Pakistan must be really patriotic and enthusiastic for the prosperity of their sweet homeland. Our country is a strong shelter for us. The people of Pakistan should work hard with zest and zeal for the solidarity and progress of Pakistan.

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