“Honesty Pays”

Many years ago, there was a man named an war.
Haw was very poor and lived in an old house.
He earned his living by cutting wood in the forest.
One day, An war went to the forest and started cutting a tree nears river.
Suddenly, the ace slipped from his hands and fell into the river.
He knew the river was very deep and there was no way he could get the ace back.
An war felt very helpless and worried.
He sat down on the riverbank and started weeping.
Suddenly,a fairy came out of the river.
She asked, “An war, what is the matter? Why are you crying?”
An war replied,”I will bring back your ace. Don’t worry.”
Saying this, the fairy disappeared into the river.Soon, she came out with a silver ace in her hand.
She asked,”Is this your ace?”
An war replied sadly, “No, this is not my ace.”
The fairy went into the river again.
This time she came out with an ace made of gold.
She asked,”Is this your ace,An war?”
An war shook his head and said,”No.”
The fairy went into the river for the third time.
This time she came out with An war’s ace. An war was very happy to see it.
He cried joyfully,”This is my ace!”
The fairy was very pleased with An war,s honesty.
He was poor, yet he was not greedy.
The fairy said to An war,”Ian

very happy with your honesty.
So, you can have the golden and silver axes as a reward.”  

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