Interpretation of the Life of the Holy Prophet

Study of the Life of the Holy Prophetall ages. The extraordinary story of the Holy Prophet carries all the drama of wonder and marvel about it. The Holy Prophet changed the course of history. He stands as a bridge between the ancient times and the modern age. The study of his life is, therefore, not the study of a man, it is the study of mankind come into age. Such transition from the ancient to the modern is not a matter of simple narration, it is primarily a matter of contemplation and evaluation. In any book of Islamic history the life of the Holy Prophet must necessarily be assessed and adjudged not as a bare narrative of history, but as the very life spring of history sustaining the myriad forces that have shaped the course of history. An in-depth study of such a unique life is not only of interest from the point of view of history, it is an exercise in inspiration and illumination from the spiritual point as will. The appeal of the story does not lie to the senses alone; it lies to the soul as well.
Periods of the Life of the Holy Prophet
For an in-depth study of the life of the Holy Prophet, it is necessary to divide his life into well defined periods and sub-periods and determine the traits of each period and sub-period. There can be two ways of the determination of such periods. One way would be to adopt the Hijra as the parting line, and designate the periods as the Makkah

When we study the life story of the Holy Prophet against the background to the time in which he flourished, we encounter many points which provide food for thought and reflection, and call for interpretation. The Holy Prophet began his life as an orphan without any resources or assets, but when be died sixty-three (63) years later, he stood at the peak of humanity as the greatest man of 

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