A washer man and his wife lived in a small village by the river. They had a donkey and a dog.They kept the dog to guard his house and the donkey to carry the clothes. The dog and the donkey were good friends.One nigth the washer man and his wife were asleep in  their house.The dog and donkey were iying close  by in corner of the yard.

A theif climbed over the wall into yard.He did not see the dog and took no notice of the donkey.He entered into the house to steal the clothes.Te domkey and the dog were awaking and saw the theif.The donkey said to the dog.”why don’tyou bark?didn’t you see that theif ?” ” yes, I do see,” Said the dog. ” Then why don,t you bark at him? It is your duty to guard the house.” “Yes that is my duty and it is not yours. Your duty is to carry the clothes to the river bank. Stick to your work and I will take care of mine” “But why don,t you do your duty”? Said the donkey. “I will tell you,” Answered the dog. Our master is not a good man. Iwant to teach him a lesson. He thinks I am of no use because no thieves hare ever stolen any thing here. He treats me badly and doesn,t give me any thing to eat.” “You are a bad dog” ‘Said the donkey. “If you won’t do your duty’ I will do it for you.”

With that, the donkey began to bray very loudly. The thief ran away. The washer man woke up and rushed out into the yard with a stick. When he found no one in the yard, he became angry with the donkey and beganb to beat him with the stick.

When the washer man had gone to bed again, the dog laughed and said, “I hope you have learnt a good lesson. Always mind your own business.”

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