“On A Sunday”

When Azana woke up in the morning, he thought,’Oh goody! Today is Sunday. that means, mother will make something special, perhaps Britannia or may be sheer!’ Quickly, he got up and offered his morning prayers. He brushed hastily, got dressed and then went out for a jog with his pet probationary’, perched on his shoulders.
When Azana returned, his mother, father and grandparents were all sitting in their big balcony, sipping hot tea.
:Good morning everybody,” he exclaimed.
:Mother, please can I have my glass of milk?”
“Of course, dear. Would you like to have some biscuits too?”
After chatting with his grandparents for a while His class teacher had told him how necessary it was to know what was happening in the world around.
It was about 8 o’ clock when Assad got up hurriedly, thinking, ‘Mother must be preparing breakfast all by herself. I should go and lend her a hand.’
He ran into the kitchen and said, 
Mother, can I help you?”
“Thank you dear. Can you call everybody to the table, and also lay the plates? Meanwhile, I will bring hot parathion, vegetable and gulag Jamaicans.”
It was late evening when Azana sat with his grandparents, talking all about his friends, teachers and school. He loved to talk to his old grandparents as they were always ready to hear him. Suddenly he remembered that he had not practiced the synthesizer. He thought, ‘I must get up and practice now, or mother will be upset.’
It was quite late when his parents returned from a party. But Azana was waiting for them. “Hello Azana, we are back.” How have you been?”
“Very well mother. How was the party?”
After chatting with his parents for a while, Azana

bid them goodnight. Then he offered his prayers and went to bed. But he could only sleep after he had read a few pages of his story book! 

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