Story: Gulliver in the Land of Little People Part 1

This is a famous story about an English man named Gulliver. Gulliver was a doctor on a ship. There was a very bad storm. His ship struck a hidden rock and sank in few minuter. The captain and all the sailors were thrown into the sea and drowned. Only Gulliver was saved, for he was a good swimmer. He swam in the rough sea for hours. Finally the storm was over and the water became calm. It had been a long swim and Gulliver was tired. He swam to the shore. He saw no people or houses only small trees growing near the shore. He was too tired to keep his eyes open. He slept more soundly than he had ever done in his life. 
When he awoke it was daylight. He tried to rise but he was not able to move. His arms and legs were fastened to the ground. His long hair was also pinned to the ground. He felt something alive moving along his right leg. Over his chest it came and up to his chin. When he looked he saw a little man about fifteen centimeters high with a bow and arrow in his hand. Then forty more little people climbed on to Gulliver  He was very surprised and gave a loud shout. At that all the little people ran away. But they soon came back. Gulliver tried and broke some of the ropes. He pulled his right arm free. At that the little people sent a shower of arrows at him. But the arrows were too small to hurt Gulliver  They were like paper pins. Gulliver lay still. He did not move. The little people stopped showing arrows at him. By this time Gulliver felt hungry, for he had not eaten anything for many days. He could not understand their language. He kept putting his finger to his mouth as a sign that he wanted food.
They placed ladders against his sides. Over hundred of the little people brought baskets of meat and loaves of bread. They climbed up and waled over his body toward his mouth. He ate as much as twenty five hundred of the little people. Gulliver went into a very deep sleep again.

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