Story of Seven Sisters

A long time ago, in a rich castle near the sea, there live seven sisters. They were all very tall and beautiful, but so proud that they refused every offer of marriage, saying that they would not marry any man unless he was as tall and handsome as themselves. First, seven honest farmers came, but the sisters just laughed at them. They went back disheartened, ridiculed and jeered. Next came seven strong fishermen, but the sisters rebuked them and told them to go back to their fishing. Next came seven rich traders from a distant land and offers them all their riches and gold if they agreed to marry them. The proud sisters were obstinate and hatefully refused them.

Then seven wise men dared to approach them. The sisters only laughed at their grey hair. Then arrived seven chiefs, riding on white beautiful horses. When they came before the seven arrogant sisters, they turned their backs, because they seemed neither important enough nor handsome. How cold and proud they looked as they sent the chiefs away! Surely a dreadful punishment awaited their coldness and pride. Pride never goes unpunished.

On the following night seven tall brothers came walking out of the sea where the castle stood. No one knew who they were. They came to the castle and without knocking, without smiling, without speaking, with grim and cold faces, without even opening the doors, they came right to the sisters. They stopped and touched them with their cold hands. Imagine the sisters’ fear. They stood aghast. They were unable to move. They were unable to utter a single word. The seven tall brothers bade the seven sisters to come after them.Unable to disobey and resist, they followed the seven tall brothers out of the castle. They all walked towards the sea. They reached the sea. They went deeper and deeper into the water, and as they moved one of the tall brothers told them that they would now have husbands as cold and as proud as themselves. They went farther and farther into the deep sea and finally vanished Neither the seven tall brothers nor thee seven proud sisters were ever seen again.

Today if any visitor goes tot eh castle and looks into the sea, he will notice seven tall rocks. People call them the seven sisters. If anybody asks what they are. People will tell you the story of seven proud sisters.

Credits: The Story Adopted from : A fairy tale

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