Story ‘The Mouse Deer and the Tiger’

Many countries have stories about small, weak creatures animals or people, who can outwit bigger, stronger creatures. Often the animals talk and behave like people. Malaysia has many stories like this. People another countries like to read them, specially once about the mouse deer. He is small and very strong, but he is quick and clever. Have you read this story? Yeah if i read this story it would be great to me.

One hot day in the forest, the mouse deer had the tiger coming. He knew that the tiger would want to it him so he quickly thought of a trick. When the tiger appeared. The mouse deer pretended to be guarding some rotting leaves.

‘What’s that?’ Ask the tiger.

‘It is food,’ said the mouse deer,’But it is very special food. It is the king’s food and I’m guarding it.’

‘Royal food!’ said the tiger.’I must taste that.’

‘You can not,’ cried the mouse deer.’It is the king’s food.’ He ran away into the jungle the tiger took a hugs bite at the leaves. He expected them to taste delicious, but they did not. They were only rotten leaves. With a growl of anger the tiger ran after the mouse deer.

The  mouse deer then found a long, brightly coloured snake which was asleep. He sat down near it. Then the tiger appeared, growling with rage, the mouse deer said, ‘Be quiet! I am guarding the king’s belt. It is a magic belt. The person who wears it can wish for anything that he wants. That is why only the king can wear it.’

The stupid tiger began to try to persuade the mouse deer to let him wear the belt.
‘Please let me wear it, ‘ he said. ‘I want to have one wish. Then I will return it to you.’
Of course, he really intended to keep it. The mouse deer refused at first. Then he pretended that the tiger had persuaded him.
‘All right,’ he said, ‘but please don’t put it on until I have gone.’ He ran off into the forest.
When the tiger tried to put on the ‘belt’, the snake woke up. It was angry and it wrapped itself around the tiger and bit it. After a hard struggle, the tiger managed to escape. He ran after the mouse deer screaming with rage.
‘I’ll kill you!’ he shouted at the top of his voice.
But the mouse deer was calmly standing by a large, round thing when the tiger appeared. He did not seem to be afraid.
‘Please be quiet,’ he said to the tiger. Can’t you see what I am doing? I am guarding this drum. It is a royal drum. It belongs to the king. Only the king may play it. Isn’t it beautiful? It makes a beautiful sound, but i can’t let you play it.’
‘I WILL play it,’ roared the tiger. ‘If you try to stop me, I will eat you. Now, run away!’
As the mouse deer ran off, the tiger struck the ‘drum’ a great blow with his paw. But the thing was not a drum. It was a bees nest. The angry bees flew out and stung the tiger until he ran off into the forest and was never seen again.
‘I may be shall,’ said the mouse deer, ‘but I am clever.’

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