Surprising Story ‘Gulliver in the Land of Little People’

When the king of the little people heard about the Man-mountain, he ordered his men to bring Gulliver to him as soon as possible. The little people made a big carriage with hundred wheels. Eleven hundred of the strongest men lifted Gulliver on to the carriage and fourteen hundred of the kings fines horses pulled the carriage along. Gulliver was still asleep. Guards rode on horses on each side. Some carried bows and arrows. Other carried torches.

The king, the Queen and many thousand of the citizen came out to see the Man-mountain. Most of them were friendly to him. The king who was very king, ordered his officers to take him to the biggest temple in the country. No house was big enough for Gulliver to live in. The king ordered his tailors to prepare a big bed. They got eight hundred beds and sewed them together.

For many months Gulliver lived happily among the little people. The king set four hundred cooks to make his food and four hundred tailors to sew new clothes for him. Six of the Kings wisest men taught him the language of the land.

One day, one of the little people came to Gulliver. He looked very sad. He said to Gulliver, “The people of nearby island across the sea are going to fight us. They have gathered their ships together to attack us”.
Gulliver said, “I will help you.” He swam across the water to enemy island. He saw the ships getting ready. He took pieces of ropes and tied a piece of rope to each ship. He pulled the ships back across the sea to his  friends. The king declared Gulliver a National Hero.
One day a small empty boat came floating to the shore. Gulliver filled it with food and said good bye to the King, Queen and the little people. He set sail for home. A big ship found him and carried him back to the England.

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