“The Giraffe”

Marina had gone for an African safari with her parents.
There, she got to see many wonderful animals and birds.
But the animal that amazed her the most was the giraffe.
She asked all sorts of questions to her father, who was a veterinarian.
Her father told her many interesting facts about the giraffe.
Come, let us hear them too!
The word ‘giraffe’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Zara.’
It is the tallest living animal with an unusually long neck.
It has a tufted tail and there is a mane on the neck.
It has two or four horns which are covered with skin.
The giraffe also has a swelling between its eyes.
Did you know that the giraffe has very sharp eyes and it can smell things very accurately?
It generally eats a plant called acacia.
Would you believe that giraffes can live for many days without drinking water?
A very funny belief about this tall animal was that it never made a sound.
But that,s not true.
Giraffes give alarm snorts, moaning, snoring and hissing sounds.
It is seen that no two giraffes have the same pattern of spots! And they usually sleep by standing up!!
Baby giraffes are protected from other animals by their mothers by hiding them in the grass.
Young giraffes grow very fast.
They stay with their mothers for about two years, until they are big enough to take care of themselves.
Now whenever you visit the zoo, do visit the giraffe!

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