“The King And The Three Dolls”

Once upon a time, there lived a powerful king.
He was very fond of fancy things.
Once, he ordered his craftsmen to make a set of dolls.
They made a unique set of dolls very much.
He used to admire them everyday.
Each morning, he woke up and saw his dolls first and then did everything else.
The dolls were placed in his personal chamber.
The King had a servant called Ahmad.
He was very hard working. He used to clean the dolls everyday.
But, one day, accidentally Ahmad broke one of the dolls.
The King was furious with him and sentenced him to death forgetting all his hard work!
The whole court was shocked at the king’s decision. But Ahmad was calm.
He said before being put to death, “There is one important work left which I have to do. Once I do it, hang me.”
The King agreed to his request, but was a little puzzled.
Ahmad went quietly to the King’s room and picked up the two remaining dolls.
He brought them to the court and dropped them on the floor!
All the dolls were crashed into several pieces.
Everybody was too surprised to say anything.
The King was angrier than before.
He shouted, “What have you done you wretched fool!”
Ahmad quietly

replied, “These dolls could have taken two more lives.
But now, only one life will go and that is mine!”
The King understood his mistake that death as a punishment should not be given for such a small offence like breaking a doll.
He was pleased with the wisdom of his servant.
He forgave him.
The King also understood that materialistic things can never be more important than a man’s life.

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