The Lost Ring

This is an old story. It was first told long ago. Therelived a man in a town. His name was bari. One day he came home to his wife and said. ” My dear. I have bought some thing for you.” Oh, thank  you! what have you bought for mel! said his wife “I have bought a gold ring. Here it is”!
It was dark in side the room. He held it out for his wife to see. He dropped it. He cried! “Oh dear! I have dropped it.” He began to look for it on the floor. He looked for lost gold ring but he could not find it. He came out side the house and began to look for the ring under the street light. Just then a friend came along.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.
“I am looking for the lost ring,” he answered.
“Where did you lose it?”
“I lost it in my room.”
“You lost your ring in your room but you are looking for it out side under the street light. That seems very foolish.”
“There is dark in my room. I can no find it there. There is more light in the street and I can see here more clearly”.

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