The poor wood-cutter

There was a poor wood cutter. His name was Ali. He lived in a small village. One day’ he was cutting down a tree. The tree was on the bank of a river. His axe fell into the river. He began to weep. A fairy came to him. She said'” why are you weeping”
                   “My axe has fallen into the river. Replied the wood cutter. The fairy took pity on him. She dived into the river and showed him a golden axe. “It is not mine”, The wood-cutter said. The fairy again dived into the river. She showed him a silver axe. He again refused to take. She went into the river once again. She shoed him the iron axe. The wood-cutter was glad to see his axe. He cried out'” That is mine That is mine” The fairy was must pleased with the wood-cutter’s honesty. She gave him all the three axes. Ali became a rich man. It was a good reward of his honesty.

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