“The Wise Jackal”

Once upon a time, a cunning old crocodile lived in a pond.
He used to grab and eat anyone who came to drink water at the pond.
So, no one dared to go to that pond.
One summer, the pond began to dry up.
It dried and dried and soon the water disappeared.
Now, the crocodile was starving and dying of thirst.
Whenever a passerby came, he said,”Oh!Please.Help me!
Show me a place where there is water.
I am dying in this heat.”
But no one helped him.”Now,” they all said,” You deserve what you have got.”
You killed our children and animals mercilessly.
Now who will take pity on you?”
One day, a traveler was passing. The crocodile asked for help as usual.
At first he refused, but then his heart melted.
He agreed to show him the way to a pond full of water.The crocodile followed him.
The traveler said,”This pond never dries and look how deep it is.”
Saying this, when he went near this new pond,the crocodile that was crawling weakly a moment ago, leaped and grabbed the traveler’s leg.
He pulled the traveler into the pond.
“Ah-Ah!” screamed the traveler.
“That are you doing?”
“Thanks a lot for showing me this pond and the food as well.
I will eat you up and fill my belly,” replied the cunning crocodile.
“This is what you give in return for the help I rendered to you.
You ungrateful fellow,”cried the traveler.
Just then the traveler saw a jackal coming.
He said to the crocodile,”I shall tell the jackal our story and let the jackal decide my fate.
If he says that it is alright if you eat me, then you can do so.”
The crocodile agreed.The traveler told the jackal what had happened.
The jackal was cleverer then the crocodile.
He said,”I am a just judge. So, I will not say anything unless you show me exactly what happened.”
Therefore, the traveler, the crocodile and the jackal went to the dry pond where the crocodile was lying before.
On reaching the pond the jackal said.”
Now I am going to deliver my judgment.So, listen to me carefully.”Then he secretly signaled

to the traveler to run away.
And he himself prepared to escape rapidly from the crocodile.
So, the jackal and the traveler turned and ran as fast as they could.
The cunning old crocodile looked at them helplessly.

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